Welcome to Luxury in Latheralka

Hi there!
Welcome to Luxury in Lather! I am so glad you decided to stop by.
I started soaping about 3 years ago. Made soaps, bath bombs, lip products, deodorant and everything under
the sun that could be handmade. I am an avid lover of handmade products. I think they are the best. The best
part about them is that no two products can be the same. And it is that part which excites me. After trying so
many types of products I have now developed an attraction towards shower gifts – baby showers, wedding
showers or any other kind of showers. In my world a handmade soap or a body care product makes a great
Anyone can make use of it. 
So here I am with my entire focus on coming up with ideas on how to make shower gifts interesting. If you
have any ideas please feel free to connect with me.