About Me

Hello there! Welcome to Luxury in Lather.
My name is Alka Chopra. By training I am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator. I work full time in my profession but simply love crafts and crafting.
I started crafting and painting at a very early age. During summer vacation I would bug my mom to buy me materials so I could create something. Back then there was no internet. It was just magazines and books. We did not even have a variety of arts and craft classes near our home. Nowadays, there is one at every corner. I have done it all : embroidery, painting, making candles, wall hangings, relief work- you name it. For me the entire creative process is extremely powerful and the joy attached to it is very difficult for me to explain. You need to experience it to feel it! 
Coming to Canada 16 years ago introduced me to several new techniques of arts and crafts. I did small arts and craft shows with painted terracotta pots. Made several gifts for family and friends. I literally bumped into One Stroke Painting while browsing some books in the library, taught painting classes (I still am). Loving every bit of it.
Then one fine day I wanted to paint on soaps. I searched for plain soaps with no company embossing on them, but could not find any. So decided to make my own.  Did some research, read some books and watched a ton of videos. Here I am now making my own soap. The soap making aspect, which was extremely appealing to me, was the unexpected result. When you are making soap with a design idea it is not necessary that the final result will be what you hope for. That was very interesting to me. I was amazed and still am and still learning.
There are infinite variations that one can make. Just like cooking!
I also make jewellery, so you will see some jewellery items as well on this website.
I take pride in all that I do since it is done with great care and gives me a lot of happiness. 
I use high quality ingredients so you can enjoy the benefits of the real ingredients. Whatever ingredients you see on the label is what you are getting. 

After all there is luxury in

enjoying the small things in life.